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Quality to Consider while Selecting Display Counter Manufacturers

Display counters are used to display delicious food to make an appeal to food lovers. Restaurants, sweet shops, bakery houses use these to display their appealing delicious to foodies. It forces to make a purchase on beautifully displayed items. This is a kind of marketing strategy adopted by these vendors to increase their sales.

Display Counter Manufacturers

Nowadays, these display counters come with temperature control. We can keep food items in a temperature required to store them. We can display hot serving items in high-temperature display counter and cake, pastries and other snacks in cold display counters. Now with this counters, we can display each and every food items to customers.

Types along with usage of display counters

Hot Display Counters: These are used to display hot serving food items like gram gulab jamun, gajar ka halwa, moong dal ka halwa, hot Brownies, and much more.

Cold Display Counters: These are used to display bakery products, dairy products, and other confectionery items.

Stainless Steel Display Counter: These are normal display counters made up of stainless steel just to display ready to eat food products.

Paw Bhaji or Panipuri Display Counters: This kind of display counters are used for displaying and serving a different kind of food items like paw Bhaji, pani puri, and many others.

Qualities of Display Counter Manufacturers

If we own a restaurant and planning to buy display counter for it, we must consider few qualities of a display counter manufacturer. Let’s list it out few here:-

1. Good in after sales service: Display counter manufacturer must provide after sales service to the buyer.

2. High-quality product: These display counters must be made up of high-quality material whichever is used to make. As these are used to keep food items, therefore we must ensure their quality.

3. Temperature controlled: Display counter manufacturer must ensure and guaranteed us about the temperature controlling system of the machine.

4. Must be flexible in making different size: As these counters are used by different vendors at different locations, therefore manufacturer must have different sizes in the display counter.

5. The thick glass should be used: The main element of display counters are displayed glass. This glass must be thick and of high quality to avoid breakages and other damages.

6. Must have different designs and sections: Manufacturer must have different designs and sections of display counters so that buyer can have the choice to select as per his requirements.

7. Sliding door option: Display counter manufacturer must provide us an option of sliding door and opening door to choose from as per the requirements and the products to be kept in it.

8. It must be rust proof and limit the entry of insects.

9. It must have seal lock system to avoid food wastage.

10. It must have provided with an option of lighting in it if required.

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