5 Things You Should Know About Sweet Display Counter

sweet display counter
06 Sep, 2021

Having a display counter for showcasing your sweet and bakery products can light up your business. The foremost thing a customer cares about a bakehouse or a confectionery is how it displays its food items. It should be eye-catching as well as attractive, only then the customer is tempted to purchase a particular product.


Therefore, it is important for the owner to utilize his/ her time in getting a display counter that is best appropriate and in accordance with the business’s needs.

1. Freshness and Cleanliness 

Sweets inside the counters should be assured to be fresh and not stale. Since sweets are prone to attract mosquitoes and flies, which leads to several diseases and infections among the customers and also the downfall of the business.

Always consider the display counter with a unique mechanism that keeps the sweets away from dust, bacteria, and germs. It enhances a more clean and healthier working environment.

From time to time the cleanliness and freshness of food items must be maintained. A counter with an attached heater can be used especially if the bakery is dealing in sweets and other items. It prevents the sweets from getting rotten, keeps away the moisture especially during the monsoon season.

2. Shapes and Sizes

Using a small-sized display counter, a problem that is majorly seen is that only a few sweets are kept on the front side, and the rest of them are stored behind the front ones. Due to this, the customer remains unaware of all the varieties and is restricted to a lesser quantity.

Therefore, size is an important factor to look at. The ideal size should always be selected keeping in mind all the considerations. It helps in displaying sweets amazingly and delightfully.

Shelving in the sweet display counter provides an enhanced look that easily attracts the attention of the customers. Additionally, it gives a closer range of the sweets and divides them into categories. If the visibility of the counter is accurate, there will be a noticeable increment in the sale of sweets.

3. Refrigeration of the Display Counter

cooling display counter

Bakery display counters are available with two kinds of cooling methods, static cooling display counter, and air cool display counter. Both of them are beneficial in different ways.

Sweet shops and general stores generally use the static cooling display counter. On the other hand, those who run pastry and bakery shops use an air-cooling display counter. One displaying sweets and milk products should go for a static cooling display counter as it provides constant refrigeration to the items inside the counter.

Requirements of intake and exhaust air should be properly activated as sweets need to be preserved in colder zones. An automated specification sheet must be inside the counter to reduce the perishability of the sweets with its low temperature. A four-view glass door refrigerator can also be a wise option to invest in.

4. Pricing

Prices of different display counters should be reviewed. One should check it online and offline and compare its costs which should include installation, fitting, and delivery charges.

It should neither be over budget nor too quality compromising. It must fulfill all needs of the sweet shop, including all necessary features and specifications, and be within the budget.

A large sweet display counter will undoubtedly be expensive than a smaller one. It will depend essentially on the scale of the shop. If the number of sweets kept by the business is small, a decent-priced counter will work fine and in the opposite case, a bit higher budgeted counter will be needed.

5. Maintenance and Style

Display counters should be easy to maintain without requiring the extra need of effort. It should be spacious with well-equipped organizing elements. The possibility of spillage and food spreads can be avoided.

Counters with movable trays and shelves are also available in the market which makes it easy for the seller while picking up and pulling out the sweets. Trays can be removed conveniently and then cleaned using a damp cloth.

refrigerated display counter

Energy-efficient lighting can be used to save energy and is economical. If display counters are not maintained, it can result in a large amount of energy and resource usage and will amount to a heavy electricity bill. A curved shop display countercan be counted on with a good combination of colors and lights rather than a flat one.


Apart from the above-mentioned points, the owner should also ensure that the counters must have proper lighting and space. Select the ones that match your necessities and requirements. Displays of the counters should be operated well on, to create a long-lasting effect of observation or impression on your customers so that they won’t be able to resist buying from your shop.

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