Commercial Kitchen Equipment vs Conventional Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment vs Conventional Kitchen Equipment
15 Mar, 2022

Kitchen equipment has always been the top talk in restaurants as well as our households. While many think that the only difference between the commercial and conventional kitchen equipment is the size, it is actually not true. Due to this assumption, we often see that small kitchen owners often rely on conventional kitchen equipment to prepare the food and they tend to ignore the need for commercial kitchen equipment. Let’s break the talk by speaking about some facts. Well, there are several factors beyond the size that can determine the choice of kitchen equipment. If you think that choosing conventional kitchen equipment is enough to make your restaurant work, then you need some upgrades.

To make this selection easier for you, we have jotted down the complete analysis of the commercial kitchen equipment and the conventional kitchen equipment. Let’s get into the details and find which outweighs the other. Let’s break the analysis with all the basic details.

What is a Conventional Kitchen?

A conventional kitchen is nothing but our residential kitchen or you can say a standard kitchen. Whether you live in a family home, studio apartment, or a mansion, almost every property has a kitchen space regardless of the size. These kitchens are used for feeding the family, hosting parties, and for personal consumption. However, due to the limitation of the conventional kitchen equipment, these are not capable enough to produce large production of food volumes. Common equipment used in conventional kitchens is – a fridge-freezer, microwave, oven, toaster, and conventional kettle.

Advantages of Using Your Conventional Kitchen Equipment:

  • Low startup cost.
  • Familiarity with the kitchen equipment and space.
  • A true feeling of home cooking food.
  • Low or nil legal requirements.

Disadvantages of Using Your Conventional Kitchen:

  • Limited storage and preparation space.
  • More adjustments need to be made to accommodate new equipment.
  • Distractions of the home environment.
  • Lack of commercial kitchen equipment might confine your offerings or menu options.

What is a Commercial Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens, on the other hand, are made keeping in mind large productions and great storage space. These are equipped with ventilation systems, robust extractor fans, and hygienic surfaces that make the commercial business successful. You can find many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers that can get you equipped with great equipment options. All you need is to understand your kitchen space and needs.

Commercial kitchens usually have multiple kitchen stations, so they have designated sites for performing different processes and tasks that include – separate baking, cooking, preparation, packaging, and cleaning areas. Usually, the commercial kitchen types include – Delivery kitchens, dark kitchens, central production kitchens, and catering kitchens.

Now, when it comes to shopping for a commercial kitchen, then you will find ample options to choose from. You need to decide what works for your business on factors such as – space, quantity or output of production, and more.

Advantages of Using Commercial Kitchen Equipment:

  • Allows you to get more experimental with your offerings.
  • Scales business faster.
  • Large-scale production with more adequate storage facilities.
  • Faster production with flexible cooking options.

Disadvantages of Using Commercial Kitchen:

  • It might take some time to do the initial commercial kitchen setup.
  • Needs regular maintenance.

Wrapping Up!

We can clearly see that the benefits of commercial kitchen equipment outweighs conventional kitchen equipment. However, it is not necessary to begin your business journey with the commercial ones only. If you are really low on budget and want to start the business ASAP, then conventional kitchen equipment might work for you, but the fact is they might not work great in the long run. Since with time the production will increase and will require extra efforts to bring the best in the menu. So, it is advised to lay a solid foundation initially as it will help your business in the future.

Note: It is really important to keep the size of the kitchen space in mind while selecting the commercial kitchen equipment. Apart from that, you must consider your menu offerings and the quantity in which the food items will be produced.

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