How to Choose Bakery Equipment – A Buyer’s Guide

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01 Mar, 2022

All set to start up your bakery shop or planning to renovate an old one? If yes, then this post is for you! No matter what the scenario is, if you are all in action to begin the bakery journey, you need to consider a lot of things. Some major considerations include – having a business plan, designing the space you will set the bakery, finding the right bakery equipment suppliers, and the list goes on. And, many of the bakers are often stuck on the bakery equipment part. Of course, that’s a lot of hustle.

To select the bakery equipment, you need to first consider the concept, whether you are going to be a pastry shop baker or simply a bread-based bakery. Also, you need to analyze if you are going to bake goods for other restaurants, grocery stores, catering, and other purposes. Now, once you have made these considerations, you then know how to seek some professional help. Finding the right supplier of bakery equipment who holds years of experience in the field can not only guide you with the best bakery equipment but also help you in setting them in the right way. Based on your concept and bakery needs, these suppliers can help you make your bakery dreams a big success.


Here is the list of must-have bakery equipment that you must include in your bakery business.

Commercial Bakery Ovens

One of the most important investments in bakery equipment is in the bakery ovens. A high-quality bakery oven will work years with you and help in serving your clients with yummy bakery stuff. Now, the tricky part is that there are ample options of commercial ovens available in the market but finding the right fit one can be daunting. The selection of a bakery oven usually depends on the types of products you will be baking and the volumes in which it will be made. Some of the options include:

Convection Ovens

One convenient and affordable bakery oven option is convection ovens. This type of oven can help in baking a wide range of products that include – cakes, cookies, pies, and more. While these types of ovens come in different sizes, it usually caters to a lower volume of production.

Rotating Rack Ovens

If you are looking for ovens to produce a higher volume of bakery items then roasting rack ovens is a perfect pick for you. These are easy to use and can help you in baking one or two full bakery racks to bake at the same time. These ovens come with built-in steam systems that are not only great in baking bagels and bread but also in baking cookies, cakes, and pies.

Revolving Tray Ovens

These types of ovens come with 4-8 shelves holding a great capacity to bake different varieties of products at the same time. Revolving tray ovens can handle everything from cookies, pastries, rolls, to bread, and bagels. Also, these are perfect for roasting meat and other food service applications.

Commercial Mixers

Another bakery equipment that you shouldn’t miss is the commercial mixers. Selecting of these will also depend on the different types of products you will make and the volumes you will be producing these products. The most popular ones are the vertical mixers also known as orbital or planetary mixers. These are designed to ease the mixing process of the bakers. It comes with a variety of attachments making it extremely easy for the baker to mix everything from dough to different cake batters.

Another popular mixer is the spiral arm mixer. These are well suited for bakeries that produce yeasted dough where dough temperature and gluten development are a big concern. These mixers help in minimizing the dough flexibility making them strong enough for the production of French dough, bagels, Artisan bread bakers, and even commercial bread plants.

Dough Divider/Rounders

Dough rounders or dough dividers are a perfect pick for the production of rolls, buns, and small loaves of bread. These are usually available in round, square, and even octagonal shapes. It can divide and even round the dough at the click of a button, thus making molding and baking quite easy. You will get a lot of options in the market, you can select one considering your bakery needs.

Reversible Dough Sheeters

The reversible dough sheeters are a great investment. These allow the bakers to sheet the croissant dough in the morning and fondant in the afternoon. Isn’t that exciting? It uses a table that passes the dough back and forth between the rollers making the dough thinner and useful for bakery production of cookies, donuts, pie crusts, and more.

Bakery Proofboxes

If your baker focuses on baking yummy pastries, bread, or anything that requires a rising dough, then a bakery-proof box is a great addition. It can help in maintaining the precise humidity and temperature that are needed for the proofing process of the product. You can find many options in these, but a reputed bakery equipment manufacturer can help you in guiding the right way.

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When it comes to buying commercial bakery equipment, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So, consider your bakery needs first and then talk to a professional bakery equipment supplier. Happy baking!

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