Keep Your Food Fresh with Different Display Shop Counters

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31 Aug, 2021

Many foodie people from various parts of the world visit different places for tasting different cuisines and flavors. Different shops are coming up at various locations serving delicious food items to these foodies. The aesthetic appeal of the food item plays a very important role in attracting these people.

Benefits of Using Display Counters for Shops

The food industry is gaining a lot of importance and the competition is also growing. The different vendors try their best to attract customers by providing the food items with the best taste, quality, and appearance.

The sweet outlet vendors prefer the cake display counter or sweet display counter at their shops for various benefits like:

  • Visibility: These display countertops are clear and transparent that allows the customers to view the food items displayed within. These counters help in attracting customers through their appearance. Increased visibility of the food items attracts more customers by activating their taste buds.
  • Preserve freshness: The added advantage of using the display counters is that they are closed off to the surrounding air. This ensures the customers that the freshness of the displayed food material is maintained. These closed food counters help in extending the shelf-life of the material keeping it fresh for a very long time.
  • Hygienic: As the display countertops are closed off from the surrounding air, it prevents the food item from coming in contact with the unwanted germs and microbes in the surrounding air. Using clear transparent closed-display counters help in attracting customers as well as maintaining the hygienic nature of the food.
  • Aesthetic appeal: A good, fresh, aesthetically appealing food item like cake, pastry, cookies, etc. is more preferred by the customers as compared to the dull ones. The vendors can try making their displayed items more attractive to attract more and more people.

Different Types of Display Counters

Display Counter Types

Display counter manufacturer launches different types of display counters now and then. The shop owner should select the best possible counter based on their requirement, availability of the space, and the product to be displayed.

Take a look over the popular types of display counters you can find in the market:

  • Straight Display Counters: These displays have glass walls and provide the best view of the material stored within the counter. These counters are straight and have levels placed vertically with multiple shelves for placing more items. These counters are ideal for items like pizza, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. that attract customers with their appearance.
  • Round Display Counters: These counters enhance the appearance of the material within and attract customers. These counters can have multiple shelves to offer more space for storing the items. These are suitable for stationing in the areas like restaurants, food stalls, bakeries, movie halls, cake shops, etc. to attract customers.
  • Bend Display Counters: These counters are suitable for places having area constriction. It allows the customers to have a complete view of all the items stored within the counter and select the best one. These counters have 2 or 3 shelves and can be customized as per the needs. This bent surface provides a sophisticated yet classy appearance to the shop.
  • Drawer type Display Counters: As the name suggests, there are different drawers arranged side-by-side to display the different items. Each drawer includes a different item for display. This type of counter is best when the material is grainy. These drawers prevent the mixing of the contents from one to the other. It is the best counter type for candies, fresh chips, etc.
  • L-shape Display Counters: These counters are in the shape-L and can occupy more foodstuff in lesser space. These are suitable to fit in any corner and allow the customers to select their favorite item.

What To Consider Before Buying Display Counters? 

As there are different types of counters available, the shop owner should consider the different parameters while selecting the best suitable counter for their business.

  • Size of counter: The size of the counter should depend on the space available in the shop for its placement. It also depends on the quantity of the product that will be displayed on the counter. The owner can consider the number of shelves in their cabinet.
  • Type of counter: The selection of the type of counter depends on the area of placement. A narrow shop space prefers the use of a straight counter for best space utilization.
  • Lighting: Based on the requirement, the owner can prefer having LED lightings within the cabinet to enhance the appearance of the food within the counters.
  • Cost: There is a wide range of display counters available having a wide range of costs. The owner can select the counter based on their budget.

Bottom Line

To excel in this competitive food industry, shop owners should try to attract more customers by displaying their products in the best possible manner. Making use of the best display counters for their food items will help them to keep their products fresh, hygienic, and aesthetically appealing.

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