Commercial Dough Kneading Machine

Kitchen Equipments, Preparation & Bakery Equipment,


Used for Mixing our/Aata in Restaurant kitchen, Industrial canteen.

Salient features

  • Bowl & Kneading Shaft made of stainless Steel
  • Rugged MS Construction – Painted.
  • Powerful gear is driven
  • Robust durable design
Model RDP01 -A RDP01 -B RDP01 -C RDP01 -D
Capacity Kgs. 10 15 20 30
Motor HP (KW) 1.0 (0.75 Kw) 1.0 (0.75 Kw) 1.5 1.5
Voltage 230V 230V 230/440V 440V

Get Perfectly Kneaded Dough In Minutes With Commercial Dough Kneading Machines

Dough kneaders have turned out to be an extremely useful gadget in the kitchen, especially when you run a food business. As the leading manufacturers of commercial dough kneaders, we specialize in providing all types of atta mixers to suit your requirements. Our commercial atta kneading machines are available in a variety of features and different capacities, allowing you to knead the perfect dough for baking delicious pastries, cookies, biscuits, and even chappatis.


Do you know what makes Riddhi Display the best commercial kneading machine manufacturers? It is because we are committed to serving each of our customers with only the best, be it the quality of our products or their prices. All our kneaders have a stainless-steel bowl and kneading shaft, with a painted and rugged MS construction and powerful gears to provide you with a quick and smooth kneading experience.

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