Commercial Bakery Equipment: Top 10 Must-Have Items

commercial bakery equipment list
21 Apr, 2022

Baking is an art form. And, like any other creative form, it needs the use of the proper instruments in order to succeed. Hunting for the right kitchen equipment from the best bakery equipment manufacturers, on the other hand, will be tough. However, along with hiring excellent bakers, locating a decent site, and managing finance, another crucial thing to consider when starting a commercial bakery business is the necessary commercial bakery equipment. There are numerous things to consider and deal with.


To simplify this process, we have put together a list of kitchen equipment that will help you successfully launch a new bakery.

1. Oven

Without question, the oven is the most critical piece of equipment in a professional bakery. Electric and gas ovens are both suitable for commercial usage. Electric ovens are claimed to be good for bakery dishes with a crisp texture, such as cookies and puffs. On the other hand, gas ovens are ideal for moist baking goods such as cakes, brownies, and so on. A single deck stainless steel body six tray gas oven with a maximum temperature of 400°C is available for purchase. Because of their larger capacity and storage space, these ovens are ideal for large orders.

2. Waffle Maker

One of the most popular bakery goods is waffles. A professional electric waffle maker makes the procedure incredibly simple and quick. On the market, there are round, square, and revolving waffle bakers.

3. Commercial Refrigerators 

Commercial Refrigerators are used to keep whipped cream, batter components, batters, and other items. We propose that you seek a refrigerator with a stainless steel body, a double door vertical chiller static, a large capacity of roughly 500 liters, and a digital display, given the volume of output. The refrigerator should be capable of keeping food fresh for an extended period and storing a large number of products.

4. Pancake Baker

If you want to serve delectable Dutch pancakes, we recommend investing in a commercial pancake baker. A commercial pancake baker eases the baking process and speeds it up. In the market, there are a variety of forms and sizes to choose from.

5. Cake Display Showcase

A cake display showcase is a critical feature of commercial baking equipment. Most commercial bakeries present gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, and delicious cakes in glass and stainless steel cake displays. There are two kinds of cake display showcases: hot and cold. Without a cake display, no commercial bakery seems like a bakery. The benefit of having a display is that it attracts consumers while also keeping cakes and other bakery goods fresh for a long period. A 3 to 4-foot chilled cake pastry cabinet with a powder-coated sheet, vacuum insulated glass, three adjustable shelves to position the goods, heated glass to keep the products warm and fresh, and a vented cooling system is required for a nice presentation.

6. Dough Mixer

 The dough mixer contains a fixed spiral-shaped agitator while the bowl circles around it, providing a constant mix ideal for banking. In this dough mixer, bakers may combine, fold, beat, and whip food components. Because a commercial bakery’s product needs are increasing by the day, it is advised that a 40-liter stainless steel body planetary electric food mixer with a capacity of up to 10kg cream and 6kg flour be purchased.

7. Dough Proofer

Electric proofers are essential baking equipment for keeping your dough warm and moist. Typically, bakers place the dough in a proofer to allow it to rise by raising the temperature and humidity. We suggest a twin glass door electric proofer with 16 trays for large-scale commercial bakeries.

8. Bread Slicer

Manually cutting a large number of bread loaves is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. It also has the potential for human mistakes. Any bread loaf with incorrectly sliced bread might tarnish your professional image. As a result, we propose investing in an electric bread slicer with 10 mm to 12 mm trays made of plastic or steel. Commercial bread slicers are ideal for large-scale manufacturing.

9. Shelves

From cocoa powder to wheat to sugar, each industrial bakery contains hundreds of different components. As a commercial bakery, it should provide a variety of things such as doughnuts, cakes, waffles, cookies, and so on. Preparing all of these goods necessitates a large number of components and tools. As a result, commercial shelves are required. Make sure you get one or more 4 ft to 6 ft shelves based on your needs.

10. Work Table

A commercial work table is used to mix batters, retain the rotating stands for icing, place ingredients, and much more. To make prep in your commercial bakery easier, acquire a 5ft to 6ft stainless steel bodywork table with splash-back and two under shelves.

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When acquiring all of this commercial bakery equipment, make sure to invest in high-quality, long-lasting items. Consider purchasing high-quality commercial kitchen and bakery equipment from the best bakery equipment suppliers,  who have years of expertise.

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