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Every chef wants to work with handy, convenient cooking equipment. Smart equipment that can save time and increase efficiency is most sought after by food service establishments. Every food service provider has unique needs specific to its cuisine.

We have successfully engineered a vast range of cooking equipment keeping in mind all the unique needs of modern food joints.

We are a canteen equipment manufacturer, manufacturing solely for commercial operation. We manufacture a wide range of cooking equipment like gas range, hot plates, tandoor, and steam cooking equipment.

We also provide cuisine-specific equipment such as dhokla and idli steamer, dosa, rumali roti counter, rice and daal vessel, and more.

Perfect Canteen Equipment For Your Perfect Dish

Commercial food business means the gruesome, mandatory task of preparation. We manufacture preparation equipment keeping in mind the specific needs of foodservice providers such as wet grinder, potato peeler, dough kneader, vegetable cutting machine, chapati making machine, and more.

Keeping in mind every aspect of the operation that is involved in the food business, we have also manufactured service station counters or display counters such as hot bain-marie – the commercial kitchen equipment, pick up counters, and various work tables.

We provide highly durable kitchen equipment for restaurants. We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier who focus on safety first.

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