Food Display Counter Ideas to Attract New Visitors

food display counter ideas
21 Oct, 2021

It is possible to brighten up your fast food business with a display counter showcasing all that you have on offer. The way a bakery or confectionery displays its products is the most important thing to a customer. In order to convince a consumer to purchase a product, it should be both eye-catching and appealing.

In the event that you operate a fast food business and need to attract more visitors in addition to offering them a large assortment of foods, you should consider investing in a fast food display counter. Displaying your best-selling, latest food items and sumptuous products can be done effectively with a functional counter.

You can enhance the visual appeal of your products by choosing the right food display counter. In order to promote your fast food products, you should employ superior quality display cases and equipment.


These are a few innovative ideas for maximizing the sales of your food display counter and directly marketing your bakery items.

Aim to please customers with a keen eye for detail:

Fast Food centers are prone to stuff the display with as many items as possible, which isn’t a bad idea as such. However, it is imperative that you, as a fast-food business owner, do not clutter your display; rather, create an attractive display to draw attention to it.

Enhance sales:

Consideration should be given to the counter’s layout as one of its most important aspects. Ensure your product is properly marketed by trying several layout styles. Keeping your food display counter organized and clutter-free will help you attract more customers to buy the products rather than be confused and walk away empty-handed. Do not be afraid to capitalize on your customers’ preferences, and always keep in mind which ones appeal to them the most.

Feature the name and price of food items on tags:

Provide tags that show item names and prices on bakery items so customers can easily decide what to buy. Customers will therefore be able to conveniently pick and pay for their food. Even if they have questions, they do not have to ask. Ascertain that the tags are easily readable and detail is written in a size appropriate for customers to easily read even from a reasonable distance. Keep the colors plain and avoid fancy fonts while using tags on your food items.

Redesign your display counter:

You may want to decorate your display counter with an aesthetic theme so it is more attractive and vibes well with the style of the restaurant and audience in the house. Also, consider decorating it for festive seasons and occasions to draw in more attention from your customers. Ensure the decoration is always fresh and enticing. People don’t like to see old themes and decorations even if the food offered is just as they like.

Make the most of lighting:

Lighting illuminates food display counters at night to make the products and displays stand out. This allows you to easily create a beautiful impression by playing with the lights. Your customers’ appetite will be piqued and they’ll be induced to buy with the soft hues and brightness created with lights. Make sure the lights are not dim or flickering when using for your restaurant food display counter at all costs.

Maintaining the counter clean and hygienic is important:

clean the counter

As you are dealing with perishables, cleaning and sterilizing the food display counter is of utmost importance. For a good working relationship, organize all the items and replace old ones with new ones regularly. Also, provide your staff with specific equipment and training so as to ensure the all-time hygiene of the food products you have to offer to your customers. This not only helps your food to retain its freshness but also creates a sense of safety for your customers which instills more confidence for service in you and your brand.

Ensure that the glass front of the Display Counter is clean:

Make sure that the glass front of the display counter is kept stain-free and clean at all times by wiping it with a dry cloth regularly clean display counters and restaurants are highly attractive to customers, particularly when they perceive your business as hygienic which is one of the major factors leading to experiencing an increased number of sales without a doubt.

Pair up your Food items:

Arrange your food items in pairs so that you can display them appealingly for customers so they don’t miss out on the other when trying to pick up only one. Maintain the balance between the things and make sure your food items in the cold glass food display counter are placed in the best way according to the style of your restaurant.

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