Hotel Kitchen Equipment List – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

21 Jun, 2022

Buying commercial restaurant equipment is one of the most tedious tasks of opening a restaurant. It requires due attention and high-quality and efficient equipment for the restaurant to ensure better performance and increased output in operations since a substantial investment is involved in purchasing them.

Purchasing kitchen supplies is not meant for start-up restaurants; existing ones also change their equipment to keep up with technology and improve efficiency. In purchasing restaurant supplies, many people fall victim to cheap rates, inexperienced vendors, and inadequate knowledge of the maintenance process, which results in spending more.

  • Need of the Hour

The type of restaurant equipment that you would require depends on your restaurant’s concept, theme, and cuisine that you would be offering. The most important part of purchasing restaurant equipment is deciding what all equipment you need in your restaurant. Thus, you first need to determine your menu and then analyze what kitchen equipment you would require to prepare it. 

  • Returns and Cost

It’s natural to get carried away when purchasing equipment for a new restaurant and buy everything that looks pretty. You must exercise caution! If you’re on a tight budget, figure out what equipment you need. You should be able to recoup the cost of the equipment. In this instance, you might want to check into old equipment because it is less expensive. 

  • Floor Space

When purchasing commercial restaurant equipment, keep the space requirements in mind. It is critical to determine the amount of space required for each piece of equipment before purchasing it. Display counters come in various styles, so choose one that best suits your food business. There are refrigerated display counters and non-refrigerated display counters. As a result, you should recognize your food service and choose your food display counters properly, which will aid you in attracting everyday clients in the future. Remember to measure the size of the equipment at the time of purchase to ensure proper space utilization.

Types of Equipment

When choosing your commercial restaurant equipment, ensure it ticks your usage checkbox. Your oven and range are the heart of your kitchen, so look at the different brands, reviews, warranty, and service agreements that might come with it.

  • Function

The most important factor is to decide whether the equipment matches the theme of the restaurant or not. Whether it’s about selecting electric, gas, or coal, it must be completely based on the type of food chain you want. This will be determined by the type of cooking you intend to undertake at your restaurant. The next step is to determine what kind of oven you require. Your needs will differ from those of a fancy dining restaurant. 

  • Maintenance

Maintenance enhances the equipment’s longevity and improves its efficiency. Inquire about the required maintenance while acquiring restaurant equipment, how often it requires service, and whether the provider will provide it. Make a cleaning routine because certain types of equipment require cleaning daily.

  • Safety

For the protection of both your restaurant personnel and your customers, proper safety measures are vital. Almost all restaurant fires are caused by cooking equipment in the kitchen. As a result, ensure the restaurant’s equipment is up to code.

  • Demo Before Purchase

Always check out the reputation of the hotel kitchen equipment manufacturer and observe the equipment in action before making a purchase. Request a demonstration in the hotel kitchen equipment manufacturer’s showroom/outlet before purchasing it. You can also bring your restaurant manager or chef, as well as the crew who will be using the commercial restaurant equipment, to verify if they can operate it effectively. 

Even after you have purchased the equipment, find out who will be installing it in your restaurant. If the equipment is being delivered and installed by the supplier, request a test run to confirm that everything is working properly.

  • Researching Equipment Purchases

When you’ve decided on the commercial restaurant equipment you want to buy, investigate its quality, how to use it, and how simple it is to operate. The best location to do so is in a dealer’s showroom or at a food show. Take a note of every single aspect, whether the equipment requires strength to operate, or the surface is too far away or high to reach with ease.

Every restaurant is unique, with special requirements based on the cuisine served and the type of clientele it seeks. When looking for equipment to start as a restaurant owner or manager doing your homework, comparing the equipment, and looking at reviews will be the ideal method to start shopping for more expensive appliances such as your refrigerator and oven. Having the correct restaurant equipment is critical to the success of your business, whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned veteran. With such wide varieties to pick from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when determining the purchases.

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