Ten Benefits of Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment’s

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30 Jan, 2023

Restaurant kitchens are distinct from any residential kitchen. Whenever you prepare food for several customers, you cannot have any flawed equipment. That’s the reason we recommend you use stainless steel restaurant kitchen equipment

This Blog will discuss the Advantages of Stainless Steel Equipment in Commercial Kitchens.

With an understanding of their benefits, you’ll find out why it’s crucial to make stainless steel appliances and other equipment part of your commercial cooking space. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

Stainless steel is a very common environmentally-friendly material due to its recyclable nature. In fact, half of this material that’s used today comes from scrap materials. Therefore, it won’t leave any carbon footprint and prevent the environment from any adverse impact. 

  • Durable and Strongs

Stainless steel equipment is popular for its durability and strength. While some businesses lean towards galvanized steel, it’s not as solid as stainless steel. It is because galvanized steel often rusts, whereas stainless steel does not rust. If scratched, the affected area on stainless steel remains corrosion-resistant. 

Besides that, stainless steel also offers better temperature resistance, strength, and weight for its pans and pots while cooking.

  • More Hygienic 

Stainless steel is also a hygienic material due to its non-porous surface that won’t rust. This makes it a great material for kitchens for making food, as your food won’t come in contact with any metal that can give it a bad taste. Hence, you are less likely to get sick. 

  • Easy to Maintain and Clean 

The stainless steel surface is easy to maintain and clean in commercial kitchens, as it won’t absorb liquids and food particles. 

Whenever you are trying to eliminate any stains or grease from stainless steel, use warm water for easy removal. Simply use a stainless steel cleaner with a non-abrasive cloth for any stubborn stains. Hence, it’s very easy to maintain its aesthetic appeal for many years to come. This makes it a great choice for commercial kitchens and even many professionals consider using it for food preparation. 

  • Cost-Effective 

Since stainless steel is durable, it doesn’t need any repair or replacement any time soon. That’s why stainless steel is highly cost-effective, as the cost of its life cycle is lesser than any other surface. This makes it a durable material that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Therefore, it is a good material for high-traffic spaces. Plus, you don’t have to spend any effort or money on its upkeep. All this makes it an ideal material for commercial kitchens due to its practicality and aesthetics. 

  • High Resale Value

Due to the premium durability of stainless steel equipment, it can easily retain its quality and strength for a long time. Thus, it’s a safe and reasonable investment for the food industry. Even when people in this specific industry want to recycle stainless steel, they may get a better deal in several ways. 

So, stainless steel kitchen equipment is a high-value investment for any food-service industry. It also enhances its resale value over time. Many professionals in the food-service industry understand that stainless steel equipment is highly crucial. Due to this, it’s a top seller in industrial kitchens throughout the world. Now that others also know how valuable this kitchen equipment is, its sales may increase over time due to its high demand. 

  • Corrosion Resistance

One of the well-known attributes of stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment is its corrosion resistance. When Harry Brearley invented stainless steel in 1913, he called it the “world’s first rustless steel.” Furthermore, chromium content has been its major component for giving this material its high quality. Therefore, it’s also seen as a big breakthrough in its creation.  

This particular material has evolved due to its various available grades/types. We often use 316-grade stainless steel that includes 3 percent molybdenum. It also strengthens the corrosion-resistant ability of stainless steel against alkaline solutions, industrial acids, etc. It is also highly resilient even in highly saline environments. Due to this characteristic, this material is highly appreciated and applicable in commercial kitchens throughout the world. 

  • Fire and Heat Resistance

We have talked a lot about the resilience of this stainless steel material in this blog. However, this particular material is also strongly resistant to fire and heat. This particular attribute of stainless steel comes due to its ability to resist oxidation even at very high temperatures. It enables this material to retain its high strength under extreme and harsh temperature conditions. 

The presence of chromium in stainless steel is also vital for making it fire and heat-resistant.  This material often outperforms other materials, like aluminium and galvanized steel, in this regard.  

  • Long-Lasting Kitchen Equipment

Looking for long-lasting kitchen equipment for your commercial cooking space? Look for further than stainless steel. Even if you use it regularly, the cooking range made of stainless steel won’t stain and rust over time. Moreover, your stainless steel refrigerator is also not likely to scratch that easily. This makes it the best long-lasting equipment for food preparation.

  • Availability

Thanks to the high demand and popularity of this material, you can find stainless steel equipment in almost every commercial kitchen. Whether you use catering equipment, refrigerators, hot ranges, or fryers, there are various appliances and equipment made using stainless steel. 

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By now you may be aware of the various benefits of using stainless steel equipment in commercial kitchens. We hope you’ve understood why it’s a good idea to invest in stainless steel kitchen equipment for your upcoming project or existing cooking space. 

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