Things to be Considered While Buying Display Counters

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28 Jul, 2021

Planning to launch a food service company like a café, a bakery, or a cake shop? And want to know the magical tip to attract your customer and earn a huge – then buy food display counters.

Display counters are the foundation, or you can even say it as it is the first impression on your customer. The restaurant display counter helps to increase the range of your customer. If you are a bakery or you handle a cake shop then the very initial step a customer recognizes before buying your food item is your food display manner – how the food products are managed and displayed accordingly they think of buying it from you.

An attractive display will lead your business to grow and this will eventually create higher sales along with a high range of customers.

A basic thing along with the taste of attractiveness the baker should always keep different types of food products to make it easier for the customers to decide on what to buy and what not to!

For helping your customer in their decision and helping your café, cake shop, etc. to grow and generate higher sales then any food company should have display counters, and buying them becomes difficult, isn’t it?


In this article, we will come across things one needs to look after before buying the food display counters.

1. Choose Wisely! – According to Your Food Service

Food display counters come in various types, so it’s advised to select your alternative as per your food business. There are different counters such as refrigerated display counter, non – refrigerated display counter. Hence, you should recognize your food service and accordingly decide your food display counters, that will help you in future food display to attract your daily customers.

2. Refrigerated Display Counter – Keep it Cool!

If you are an owner of any food service company then this display counter will be the best among all. A refrigerated display counter helps you to cool your food items as well as store food items at low temperatures altogether. In short, the display mode of it is so highly attractive.

If you are a restaurant or a cake shop then it is highly recommended to go for this counter as it helps your food item to get stored properly as well as it helps you to disclose your most delicious cake, most impressive dessert, most likable sweet. This creates a huge impact on your beloved restaurant counter suppliers or your regular customers.

This counter is further classified into two different refrigerated food display counters

  • Forced Air: For packaged items, deli items, dessert items you can choose this unit where fans are placed at a different location to maintain cool airy condition.
  • Gravity Coil:  This coil helps to cool your food items from above. This unit is good for those companies or restaurants selling meat, seafood, deli items, etc.

3. Non – Refrigerated Display Counter:

If you are a fresh baking company or if you are a restaurant supplying only fresh food items to your customers then this would ideally be a perfect choice as it doesn’t require low temperatures because this counter helps to display fresh food items.

4. Heated Display Counter – Keep it Warm!

heated display counter

This counter is opposite to the refrigerated display counter as we know refrigerated counter helps to keep the food commodities cool at low temperatures and this counter helps to keep the food items warm. For instance, this counter is used to display snack items, burgers, pizza, and all those warm food creatures. You can store your food items at room temperature with better presentation.

Majorly restaurants kitchens adapt these counters as it helps to keep your food items warm and creates better storage. This counter helps to serve your customers on time because it keeps your food dishes warm so you do not require to warm them again and then serve them to your customers. You can directly go off and serve them!

This counter keeps your food warm at an optimal temperature without harming the quality and the taste of the particular food dish.

5. Material of a Particular Display Counter is Very Important:

The Initial stage is to choose a better display counter after selection the second stage is to check the material of the display counters to maintain the fresh look of food. See to it that the material of the display doesn’t harm the taste of the foods.

Different Styles of Display Counters Along with Shelves and Lights will Make Your Shop Glow!

In a single display counter, there are different shelves and the presentation of these shelves is dependent on the presenting skills of an individual.

Lights should be placed correctly so that the customer can easily see those food items and decide to buy any of them! Different styles like a curved, straight, slanting display counter help to make your food items glow through their designs.


Look upon your food service business and accordingly select the best alternative from all these above counters. The material and the presentation of the counters must be very attractive and eye-catchy; this will bring about a huge increase in customers. Make sure the food display counter you buy should be easy to clean.

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