Ultimate Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist

commercial kitchen equipment checklist
18 Oct, 2021

When opening a new restaurant, the kitchen represents one of the largest investments. The equipment used in commercial kitchens needs to be industrial-grade and able to withstand intense restaurant activity. For food to move smoothly from the prep area to the serving line, the design of a commercial kitchen is key.

The kind of commercial restaurant kitchen equipment needed in a restaurant can be determined by its location as well as its kitchen space. Despite being tempted to buy more multi-burner gas range with a convection oven, your kitchen may only be able to accommodate two or maybe three-burner gas equipment. It is imperative to plan your kitchen meticulously before signing a lease.

What difference does an ideal Commercial Kitchen make?

Your restaurant’s kitchen is where the alchemy of flavors occurs, where your menu is born. The kitchen is where your food is cooked, prepared, and served. Additionally, the kitchen is very much the heart of the restaurant – it’s where you keep your dishwasher, your food ingredients, the cooking equipment, the dishes, and the utensils. It’s important to keep a restaurant kitchen organized because, unlike a home kitchen where you and your family are the only ones in it, a restaurant kitchen can have a multitude of people entering and leaving the place throughout any given shift. Additionally, it makes the staff safer and reduces excess waste, helping them save time during the busy rushes.

What are the expenses involved in setting up a commercial kitchen?

New restaurants tend to spend more on their kitchen than anything else. A loan of several thousand dollars may seem a lot when you’re just getting started, but after you’ve invested in fresh, or even used, ranges, grills, ovens, and coolers, the loan can quickly run out. When buying new kitchen items, remember that they depreciate immediately after you put them to use just as with a new car when you drive off the lot. If you are starting a new business, leasing or purchasing used kitchen equipment is a money-saving option.

Buying commercial kitchen equipment at restaurant auctions can be as inexpensive as a few cents. In addition to offering a huge range of home items, they can deliver items like dishes, flatware, bread baskets, condiment jars, and serving utensils. Also, you can shop for barely used kitchen appliances, including oven ranges and refrigerators, at good prices. Be aware that warranties on used equipment are not usually offered. Most of the time, this isn’t a sticking point, but it should be considered when determining what you’re willing to pay for and how much.

Don’t let salespeople push you into purchasing more equipment than you need when you shop for kitchen equipment. The fact is that you need just a few basic items to get started, despite every shiny, popular item tempting you at a store or an auction for that matter. The following is a general guide to assembling an outfit for your restaurant kitchen:

Commercial Kitchen Equipment List

As a general checklist, here is everything you need to equip your restaurant kitchen:

  •       Gas Range (Multi-Burner Gas Range)
  •       Microwave Oven
  •       An integrated reach-in cooler 
  •       Cold storage Equipment or Cooler
  •       An active deep-fryer
  •       An immersion fryer
  •       Deep Freezer
  •       Stir-fry pans
  •       Saucepans
  •       A set of baking sheets
  •       Platters for pizzas
  •       Pans for baking
  •       A set of Tong.
  •       Spatulas
  •       Ladles
  •       Knives for chefs
  •       Defensible space for fire extinguishers
  •       Rubber flooring mats
  •       Platters of appetizers
  •       Dishes for desert
  •       Dishes for salads
  •       Paddle for pizza
  •       Cooler inserts made out of plastic
  •       Walk-in cooler shelves made of metal or plastic
  •       Wipes for cleaning
  •       Steam Table
  •       Bowls for mixing
  •       Blending Whisks
  •       Entrée plates
  •       Containers for cleaning products
  •       Bowls for Pasta
  •       Pump dispensers for hand soaps and hand sanitizers

Depending on the restaurant’s cuisine and target audience, it will have specific requirements. In choosing equipment for your new restaurant, restaurant owners and managers need to consider their individual necessities and priorities. Researching and comparing products as well as reviewing them are the best ways to start looking for high-end appliances like your refrigerator and oven. If you need to access loans or financing, you will have a better idea of what equipment you need if you plan ahead and create a list of all the equipment you need.

Based on your restaurant’s concept and size, your restaurant kitchen might not require each item mentioned in the list above. Your restaurant concept may also require specific equipment, such as an ice cream maker if you plan to make artisan ice cream, or pans if it intends to bake bread in-house. Make sure to take into account your menu plan and your kitchen layout when you are making your commercial kitchen equipment list.

Always keep in mind that finding the equipment that suits your needs and your restaurant is essential.

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